Basic Methods to Grow Cannabis Indoors

Basic Methods to Grow Cannabis Indoors

Basic Methods to Grow Cannabis Indoors

Overnight cannabis delivery may be one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your favorite bud but growing your own cannabis can be the most rewarding. From sowing the seeds to cultivating the cannabis, there is something to savor about growing your own cannabis at home. Many cities in California have strict growing restrictions and in many cases, it is only legal to grow cannabis at home if the plant is grown indoors.

If you want to grow your own cannabis at home and have excellent flowers just like they do at the California dispensaries, there are a few basic steps to take.

While many think of growing cannabis indoors to be a difficult task, with the correct guides and information you will easily be on your way to understanding how to grow your favorite strain at home. That means no more waiting for the overnight cannabis delivery or wondering where the weed you are buying really comes from. While most dispensaries provide ethical sources for their cannabis, it is a great feeling knowing that you are using your cannabis grown inside your very own home.

The best part is that you can even buy all the equipment that you need online. From seeds to lighting equipment- everything is usually found on the same online dispensaries that usually deliver your overnight cannabis delivery.

Step One: Choosing your Seeds

The first step is choosing your seeds. This is an important step as you can choose from many different types of genetics. Some seeds will be easier to grow and cultivate than other, and this is all down to their genetics. There is a multitude of information online that you can acquire about the different types of seeds and how they will fair and develop under indoor lighting.

The most important factors that play a role are:

  • The type of seed
  • How many days it will take for the plants to start flowering
  • How best to manage the climate in the growing room

Feminized and autoflower seeds

These are the easiest seeds to grow and tend to be the more popular choice amongst growers.

Feminized seeds only begin to flower and bloom after approximately 8 or 9 weeks. They are exposed to almost constant light (18 to 24 hours) every day for the first couple of weeks. Thereafter, they are exposed to light for about 12 hours of the day.

Autoflower seeds take about 10 and a half weeks until they can be harvested. They need to under at least 20 hours of light every day for 75 days. This type of seed is the most popular as they have the simplest growing method, a constant light for 20 hours of the day.

Seeds that are abundant in the cannabinoid CBD are proving to be a popular choice as well. This is because of the hype around CBD and the potential health benefits that CBD can offer. These seeds are classified as such because they have a minimum of 4% CBD content in the flowers once the buds have been harvested.

The Germination Process

There are a few different methods that can be used for successful germination of your chosen seed. The most popular method is also the simplest:

  • Simply place the seeds 1cm below the surface of the damp soil.
  • Gently press down on the top of the damp earth.
  • To keep the atmosphere moist for the seeds, you can place clear kitchen film over the top of the pot or tray. This helps to lock in the moisture.
  • After a couple days of warm temperatures (20-25 degrees Celsius), you should notice the first signs of germination.

Some tips on the germination process:

  • During this stage, the seedlings are content with low light conditions. As they begin to grow, more light will be required. When they are in their seedling stage, you can keep the light intensity a meter below HPS light. If however, you are using the fluorescent light you will need to move the light closer.
  • Keep the lights on them for 18-24 hours per day.
  • The seedlings will grow leaves but no buds will develop yet
  • Gradually reduce the amount of light. Eventually, you will need to have the hours of light down to 12 hours a day.
  • Once the light only at 12 hours per day, the plant will move from the vegetative state to the flowering stage. The flowering stage will take approximately 8 to 10 weeks until the plants will be ready for harvest. This time could change as it is dependent on what type of strain you are growing.
  • This is the phase where the buds for harvest will begin growing. More nutrients and more lights give your plant an increased yield.

The Harvest

 Once you start to notice trichomes and crystals developing on the leaves then it is time to harvest.

  • Depending on the strain, the flower buds may also develop red or orange hairs.
  • If you allow the plant to remain in the vegetative growth stage for a prolonged period of time, the yield is increased. The most common about of time to leave a plant in the vegetative stage is approximately 4 or 5 weeks.
  • If you wish to speed up the process or have a small growing space then you can simply leave the plants in the vegetative stage for several days. This will quicken the flowering and harvesting. This will, however, leave you with a smaller yield.

Lighting Tips

 The cannabis plants is an outdoor plant that thrives in the light. This means that to successfully grow a cannabis plant indoors you need to ensure you are providing sufficient quality lighting.

  • For a minimum beginning, point use 250w/square meter.
  • As the plant grows you need to increase the light to two to three times the original starting watts.
  • Naturally, the more light you give your plants the more growth and hence more yield you can expect from your plants.
  • Ideally, you want a growing space that allows for 1.5 meters in height and 400 to 600 watts HPS lamp.
  • Test the heat on the back of the hand. If the light feels hot on the back of the hand then the light could burn the plant itself.

A Note on Nutrients and Water

 Plant nutrients are essential to delivering the necessary nutrients to the plant’s roots. You can easily purchase nutrient packs online, usually at the same dispensaries that you acquire your overnight cannabis delivery.

  • Read the instructions carefully as each growing environment will need different levels of nutrients
  • Overwatering your cannabis plants can cause the growth to slow down and could lessen the yield as well. Wait for the soil to become dry before you water again.
  • Using coco fiber or 25% perlite in the soil can assist your plant’s growth.

It is now more popular than ever for people to grow cannabis indoors. The most successful growers will all agree that the most important step is the first step- choosing your seeds. Choose high-quality feminized seeds that are known for a high yield and develop buds that will create the type of cannabis experience that you are looking for. Some seeds will grow into plants that are good to use during the day, these are uplifting and are usually Sativa strains. If you are looking for the type of cannabis that you can use to assist you in sleeping at night or winding down after a busy day, then look out for seeds that are more Indica than Sativa.

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