Best Recreational Dispensaries in California: Where to Buy Legal Weed

Best Recreational Dispensaries in California: Where to Buy Legal Weed

Best Recreational Dispensaries in California: Where to Buy Legal Weed

Buying recreational weed online is probably the best and safest way to source your legal stash.

Some of the best recreational online dispensaries are based in California where it has been legal to buy pot since the beginning of 2018, provided that you are at least 21 years of age or 18 and upwards if you have a doctor’s recommendation to access medical marijuana.

In California, online pot shops will deliver your order directly to your doorstep and, depending on where you live, that service can be provided with a 45-minute time-frame.

Buying recreational weed online is becoming increasingly popular, particularly for people living in more remote areas because it saves them a ton of cash for gas and valuable timespent traveling to their nearest retail dispensary outlet.

Buying weed online is perfectly legal provided, of course, that the company has been granted a license to operate. Pinpointing a reputable company is easy. They have safe websites – in other words sites that are https:// locked and that offer a wide range of products, from flowers to edibles, and from topicals to concentrates. These companies also guarantee the quality of their products which have all be laboratory tested and approved.

There are several other advantages to buying recreational weed online such as:

  • Safety – quality guaranteed products delivered to your door
  • Discretion – discreet packaging and delivery service safeguards you from prying eyes
  • Legality – no risky transactions with dodgy dealers
  • Convenience – avoid California’s traffic-choked highways and byways

The personal experience

But if you live in a city you may prefer the personal experience of shopping for your supplies at a local pot shop and, in California, there are plenty of those.

Generally, however, retail outlets specialize more in medical marijuana and have limited recreational stock ranges. Secondly, most of these shops are strictly cash businesses and do not accept credit cards. A handy tip is to use a site like Weedmapsto locate your nearest legal dispensary and don’t forget to take along your ID because you will need to prove your age.

If the dispensary is busy, you will have to wait for a bud-tender to call your name and then to attend to your needs. These dispensary staff members are usually very well-informed and will offer assistance and advice where needed.

Download an app to buy your weed

Another way in which to buy legal recreational weed is to use an app-based delivery service like Eaze or Pot Valet. Simply go online, download the app to your phone, create a user profile, upload your ID, and then place your order which will typically be delivered within an hour or overnight, depending on your place of residence.

California has more than 400 licensed retail cannabis outlets which include about 300 recreational storefronts. In fact, by mid-April 2018, the state had 1,733 licensed distributors, laboratories and non-storefront retailers. Legalization of recreational cannabis has seen a revolution of commercial space – like former schools that are now homes to marijuana outlets.

Let’s take a look at some good sources for legal weed are:

  • San Francisco Bay Area, the Apothecarium, provides both online delivery and in-store collections
  • West Hollywood, the MedMen, is now housed in a former medical marijuana dispensary. This Culver City-based business is rising nationally as a marijuana market star with 18 outlets in three states and a staff=base of about 700 people. MedMen is also on the brink of opening five stores in Los Angeles County
  • North Hollywood, a former scooter shop has become the home of a marijuana “wellness center”
  • Vallejo, California, where a private home has been converted into a commercial space following in the footsteps of cross-overs to house enterprises such as dentists and optometrists
  • Mid City, where the Aloha School has been replaced by a modern weed store called The Pottery

All retail outlets that have been licensed by the state Bureau of Cannabis Control supply legal recreational cannabis which is available in various varieties.

Dried marijuana, flowers, leaves and buds, is usually sold by the gram,

Concentrates, a process by which cannabinoids are separated from the marijuana plant, are generally high in THC, the ingredient that makes you high, or high in cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, which is gaining world-renown for its therapeutic and healing properties.

Hash is created when by the THC-rich resin is extracted from the cannabis plant using ice water or compression.

Butane hash oil, which is created when cannabinoids are extracted using chemical solvent butane. This is also known as honey oil, wax, crumble or shatter.

CO2 oil, the result of separating cannabinoids from plant matter with pressure and carbon dioxide, and is more commonly available preloaded into vape cartridges or disposable pens.

Tinctures are alcoholic extracts of cannabis material that are generally administered by under-the-tongue dosages.

Edibles are marijuana-infused foods that can now be bought in a wide variety of products such as sweet treats, snack and drinks.

Topicals, such as weed-infused lotions and potions, are absorbed through the skin and are non-psychoactive.

Live plants which consumers can legally grow for personal use.

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