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From today’s overnight marijuana delivery services and online dispensary’s in California to the medicinal use of marijuana as far back as 5 000 years, this little green plant has come a long way. How did we go so far from the ancient medicinal uses 5 000 years ago to illegalisation and then overnight marijuana delivery services in what is now the most blossoming and promising market in California?

There are some who believe that the use of cannabis was primarily for ancient anointing oil at least 5 000 years ago. Marijuana is believed to have been used as part of a holy anointing oil. This oil has references in the original Hebrew Exodus and the Ancient Egyptians are also believed to have used marijuana oil for healing glaucoma and inflammation. By the year 100 AD the Chinese had already found 1000 uses for medicinal cannabis. Many years before, the Chinese emperor Fu His had also referred to cannabis as a ‘popular medicine’ in 2, 900 BC.

There are records that show that the Indians made a mixture that contained milk and cannabis called Bhang in 1, 000 BC. The drink was used as a medicine and is in fact still used to the present day.

Marijuana has long been used in spiritual works in India. The Hindu god Lord Shiva is connected to the plant and has many tales and legends about the cannabis plant. The Vedas, India’s most celebrated ancient spiritual work, refers to the cannabis plant as a method of dissipating anxiety within individuals. There is even a tale in the Vedas of how the cannabis plant was first grown by a drop of ‘heavenly nectar’ that fell from the earth.

There are many additional cultures from ancient times that embraced the cannabis plant. From the Greeks to the folk of the United Kingdom.

The following was documented by the English regarding the medicinal uses of the cannabis plant:

  • Sleep problems
  • Menstrual pains
  • Rheumatism
  • Gout
  • Joint pain
  • Promoting contractions during childbirth
  • Convulsions

Crossing the time zones and the centuries to the 1600’s and the United States, we can see the first documented use of the cannabis plant:

In the 1600’s hemp was a popular material in the manufacture of clothing, ship and boat sails as well as rope. In 1619 there was even a law passed that stated that every farmer needed to be growing hemp.

  • George Washington is reported to have been interested in the medicinal uses of cannabis, as seen from extracts from his 1765 journals.
  • By 1840 cannabis had become a popular medicine and was featured in many medicines.
  • By 1850 the U.S Pharmacopeia had marijuana in it’s list. The plant was used as a treatment to opioid addiction and pain. Cannabis was also used for appetite stimulation and as a treatment to symptoms of nausea.
  • The Vanity Fair magazine displayed an advertisement for ‘hashish andy’ in 1862. The candy was advertised as having no harmful side effects and could assist in treating depression and anxiousness.
  • By the year 1906 the Food and Drug Act began placing more restrictions. Any product that contained cannabis needed to be clearly labeled.
  • During the years from 1900 to 1930 cannabis was used in the creation of a variety of medicines. cannabis itself was advertised as a pain reliever and used for a variety of other symptoms. However marijuana began to be used as a recreational ‘drug’ as well. It was believed that the Mexican immigrants, who caused plenty of fear amongst the Americans, had begun to introduce this. Because of the negative association with the immigrants, marijuana began taking on a negative connotation.
  • From 1914 to 1924 there were 26 different states that outlawed the use of cannabis.
  • By the time the Great Depression came along in 1930 there was an even greater fear of the Mexican immigrants due to the lack of jobs. This encouraged and fanned the fires of marijuana stigmatization. This is about the time that marijuana started to become criminalized under Federal law.
  • The media jumped on the bandwagon as well, and more and more reports began coming in of crimes related to marijuana. By the year 1936, cannabis was under some prohibition in all of the states.
  • The film Reefer Madness, in 1936, added plenty of fuel to this fire. Reefer Madness painted a picture of suicide, psychosis, rape, and many other crimes related to the use of marijuana. This was the beginning of the end of marijuana use and by 1942 marijuana was removed from all medicines.
  • In 1952, full force marijuana laws and punishments were imposed. However society had a very different idea as in the 60’s marijuana began to regain its place on the recreational throne.

What followed was decades of anti-marijuana campaigns and laws. However, by 1996 the proposition 215 was voted in California. This proposition made it legal for those that wished to use medicinal marijuana in California. However, President Clinton was still in anti cannabis mode and spent almost $25 million on anti drug advertising on prime television.

And now, in the 21st century, we are not only revisiting the legal aspects of cannabis but we are facing a global shift in the perception of the plant. The industry itself is set to rake n millions of dollars in the United States alone and businesses from overnight marijuana delivery services to online California dispensaries are gaining in popularity.

Due to the remaining stigmatization of the cannabis plant, the consumer market is relishing the idea of a thriving California dispensary market and overnight marijuana delivery services. This is because by buying marijuana products through an online dispensary and having it delivered overnight with an overnight marijuana shipping service there is plenty of discretion and consumers do not have to publicly embrace marijuana.

Marijuana has been through many different roles throughout the years and is still very misunderstood by many. However, this does seem to be changing in the face of cannabis businesses like online dispensary shipping and overnight marijuana delivery services.


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