For those of you who need a little extra THC than can be derived from marijuana plants, Cannabis Concentrates are the answer. They definitely offer you more bang for your bucks. You need to use less of the product to experience a more intense high. The buds that are used to create Concentrate are 25% higher in THC than the average flower, and because of its potency, Concentrates are the preferred choice of people suffering from anxiety and pain. Concentrates include products such as wax, oils, topicals, tablets, and tincture drops. Here at we offer a wide variety of Concentrates in our overnight delivery service and our professional staff will be only too happy to give you advice on any of your queries. Some of our most popular Concentrates for that little bit of extra medication include products such as:
  • Cold Water Hash – This is an OG Kush Concentrate and is a highly potent form of cannabis.
  • Sugar Wax – A metal device is used to pick up the wax which is then dripped onto a dabbing device, bong or joint. For an extra medication hit, Sugar Wax Concentrate can be applied to a bowl.
  • Sativa Wax – A very popular choice because of its appealing citrus taste and aroma.
For relief from pain, these Concentrates are sure to do the job.
  • Live Resin.
  • Shatter – a powerful Sativa Concentrate relieves migraines and deep pain.
  • Live Resin. is the “koolest”, safest and newest online marijuana overnight delivery service available in California and we will give you 10% off your discount coupon when you sign-up for our email newsletter. Please note that our overnight delivery service is subject to a minimum order of $100.

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