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Hybrids are any product that includes a mixture of Sativa and Indica marijuana strains and can be smoked, eaten or vaped. And here at koolmj.com, your number one overnight marijuana delivery service in California, we offer a wide range of Hybrids to suit all needs. Among our most popular products are:
  • Pre-rolls – these one gram joints are hand-rolled with all-natural raw rolling papers and tips, and then dipped in our Top Shelf Kief. Offering you the best available cannabis, your raw king-size joint guarantees you the satisfaction of a full gram of weed and is great value for money.
  • Girl Scout Cookies – Ah, good old Girl Scout that offers a mix of OG Kush and Durban Poison. The cookies have a sweet and earthy flavor and you only need a little to go a long way. Its potent THC levels have earned Girl Scout a place in the Hall of Fame and, apart from its euphoric qualities, it stops pain, nausea and lack of appetite dead in its tracks.
Popular marijuana Hybrid strains include:
  • OG Kush – arguably world-renowned, this is a predominantly Indica blend with Sativa influences that won’t keep you couch-locked. Apart from its recreational attributes, this Hybrid can also be used for medical problems such as arthritis, inflammation and anxiety, and guarantees a great ride.
  • Jack Herer – is a mix of Northern Lights and Shiva Skunk and the high is sublime. It has a 55% Sativa content but its Indica presence keeps paranoia at bay.
  • Green Crack – for a gentle buzz, there’s little to beat this Hybrid which combines Afghani and Skunk 1, offering a Sativa-dominant strain that keeps energy levels at peak performance. It is also perfect for daytime medicating.

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