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Indica strains are best for relaxation and physical sedation. Indica strains are popular amongst those looking for a little help to treat insomnia. Indica plants and Indica strains are originally from high altitude climates, particularly Pakistan, India and Afghanistan. During their growing stage, these plants are much shorter in stature than their sativa counterparts and grow to about 3 or 4 feet in height. They are characterised by a thick resin coating which is developed as insulation from the cold. This is the strain that usually is used to make hash and hash products. Strains that are more indica dominant famous for producing a ‘body high’ and most people enjoy this strain during times of relaxation, in the evening, or when seeking out the typical ‘stoney’ sensation. Koolmj is committed to becoming a leading online cannabis dispensary and our number one priority is to provide you with top quality indica strains and provide the service that is reliable and safe. With cannabis in California becoming more and more available, you need to find the best dispensary to purchase your online cannabis. Koolmj provides overnight delivery of the top rated Indica strains that will leave you with a smile and a perfect buzz that only the top quality Indica can provide. Our service is discrete and can deliver your premium Indica overnight. With an assortment of Indica products to choose, from we can offer you your choice of Indica strains and products.

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