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Sativa strains have a higher THC to CBD ratio, keeping you mentally high and very creative. Medically, Sativas can be used to control depression and eating disorders. Here at koolmj.com we offer a wide variety of Sativa products, from wax to concentrates, and oil cartridges to a great variety of strains that can be inhaled.
  • I gram Wax Sativa – this slightly sticky wax has a lovely lemon taste and smell and guarantees a potent experience that will last up to three hours. It is an enjoyable and smooth smoke and its 90% Sativa content makes it great for daytime use.
  • Trainwreck – this 100% Sativa-strain marijuana is sweet tasting and offers a euphoric and clear-headed high. Medically it can be used for muscle tension, pain, nausea, anxiety and loss of appetite.
  • Amber Shatter Concentrate – this is usually smoked out of specialized glass pieces but can also be inhaled with E-pens. This concentrate is great for relief from pain and will leave you feeling euphoric, while remaining mentally calm and physically deeply relaxed.
  • Sativa Oil Cartridges – high in Sativa content makes these cartridges ideal for daytime use and can also be used to treat pain and nausea. It can be used with an E-pen, or simply by adding some oil to your weed.
  • Super Silver Sativa Haze – arguably one of the most popular Sativas of choice by connoisseurs, this is a mix of Northern Lights, Haze and Skunk. Its 70% Sativa content ensures a relaxing ride that will keep you creative until couch-lock sets in. It is also used to treat muscle cramps, pain and depression.

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