CLEAR | Sativa | Fractionally Distilled Marijuana Oil Cartridge – 500mg


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CLEAR | Indica | fractionally Distilled Marijuana Oil Cartridge – 500mg

91% THC

THC cartridges are one of the most convenient and stealthy ways to get high on the go. The trend has been rapidly growing over the past year. As a result, the market is now filled with tons of brands to choose from. So, how would you decide which one is best for you? Is there a way to know what you’re getting before you buy? We only display high quality, 100% safe-for-use products on our website; and this 91% THC Triple Distilled Marijuana Oil Cartridge from Hi Tone is as pure-as-can-be.

Hi Tone’s Sativa oil cartridges have 91% THC in them and have been through a triple distillation process. Unlike the indica option that will make you feel sleepy and immovably relaxed, Hi Tone’s Sativa blend makes for a super high. It will make you feel energized, sociable, creative, focused, and simply euphoric. This Hi Tone Sativa Oil Cartridges are ideal for daytime consumption or when a social, physical, or intellectually engaging activity is going on. THC levels are 91.21%, making this an extremely powerful product.

What makes our oil Cartridges the Best?

Hi Tone’s Sativa Marijuana Oil Cartridge are fractionally distilled. Fractional distillation is a highly technical refinement process that takes away all impurities and extraneous plant materials to achieve super concentrated high purity medical-grade THC. Also, Hi Tone Sativa Marijuana Oil Cartridges are compatible with conventional e-pens. Hi Tone cartridges are high tech marijuana accessories that have been designed to work with most e-pen vaporizers.
• Fractionally Distilled
• Solvent Free
• Gold Standard
• High Clarity
• Super Effective

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