Hit One Clear Wax concentrate – Hybrid – 1g

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Hit One Clear Wax concentrate – Hybrid – 1g

1 Gram

If you are the type who likes to explore the best of both strains, Hi Tone hybrid marijuana concentrates is what you should get. A lot of brands selling THC concentrates are on the market but Hi Tone’s products have a trademark which represents quality, safety and affordability—for every marijuana concentrate sold to the public. This product enjoys a fractional distillation process which allows the extracts to consistently top 91%.

Hi Tone’s hybrid wax concentrate is extracted from high quality hybrid marijuana strains so users can expect intense, long lasting effects. Ingesting this product may provide both physical relaxation and cerebral stimulation. It keeps you mentally active and physically coordinated while medicating yourself with a broad spectrum of therapeutic properties. Unlike the indica or the sativa options which have their exclusive properties and effects, Hi Tone hybrid concentrates combine the best qualities of both strains to give you a balanced hybrid effect. It is ideal for daytime, or in the evening in a social gathering with close friends.

Why should I buy Hit One Clear Wax?

This Indica Hit One Clear Wax concentrate is fractionally distilled. Fractional distillation is a highly technical refinement process that takes away all impurities and extraneous plant materials to achieve super concentrated high purity medical-grade THC.


  • Fractionally Distilled
  • Solvent Free
  • Gold Standard
  • High Clarity
  • Super Effective

Other Options

Indica 1 gram; Sativa 1 gram.

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1, 1 Gram

1 review for Hit One Clear Wax concentrate – Hybrid – 1g

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    Great!! High quality product!!!

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