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Kokos THC Chocolate Edible bar

If you are looking for the best THC chocolate Bar of your life then look no further. Kokos born and bread in Santa Barbara county promises to mix only the purest coco beans into their THC chocolate bars. Each chocolate bar contains 100mg of THC so rest assure that a couple bites of these products will bring serious pain and stress relief.

Not only are these chocolate bars good but, because they are made from all natural products, you can guarantee that they are packed with the very best ingredients known to man. All KoolMJ products are lab tested and always safe THC products.

Why Choose the Kokos THC Chocolate Edible Bar?

These chocolate are packed with all natural coco beans and THC derived from legal Cannabis plants in Santa Barbara County. Kokos Chocolates are known for being pure and effective THC chocolate bars that get the job done. Enjoy yours today.


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