CBD Living Vape Oil Cartridges – 500mg


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CBD Living Vape Oil Cartridge

CBD Living Vape Oil is the best way to be initiated into the art of vaping CBD oil. If you are also looking for ways to enjoy the full potency of CBD without breaking the bank, this product is an ideal choice for you. CBD Living Oil Vape Cartridges deliver a myriad of physiological and psychological health benefits from CBD (cannabidiol) in a very special, and soon to be patented nano-sized CBD particle delivery system for 100% bioavailability. CBD is non-psychoactive. However, frequent users of CBD Living CBD Vape Oil testify to its relaxing effects, while significantly reducing acute and chronic and pain, anxiety, and general stress symptoms.

CBD Living Vape Kits are offered in two parts which can be bought together or individually. The rechargeable Pen Battery and USB Charger is combined with the disposable CBD Oil Cartridge. CBD Living CBD Oil Cartridges contain 500 mg of CBD with full spectrum terpenes which retains the original aromas and flavors of the flowers from which the oils are extracted. No glycerin, glycol, or additives added. This is could be a product that serves as an alternative to cigarettes, nicotine patches, or even smoking THC!

CBD Living Oil Cartridges are user-friendly!

CBD Living Vape has no buttons. Suck on the top and the vape activates with a soft glow on the bottom. The vaporizer is of high quality, giving out consistent clouds with each puff. The vape comes packaged in a plastic container. This brand evokes trust with the fact that their oil vapes are free of toxins, metals, and pesticides.


  • 500 MG CBD
  • Natural Full Spectrum Oil
  • CO2 Extracted
  • Natural Terpenes
  • No Additives


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