Tea with a Twist: A Healthy Option for Marijuana Users

Tea with a Twist: A Healthy Option for Marijuana Users

Tea with a Twist: A Healthy Option for Marijuana Users

Buying weed is easier now than ever before and there are many online dispensaries offering weed for sale. and even though the public perception around marijuana is shifting, there are still many who want to keep their weed use on the down low.

Buying weed online is a way to keep your marijuana preferences discrete, but what about keeping the use discrete too? Maybe you don’t like smoking, or don’t enjoy the edibles or maybe you just love a good cup of tea. Well, grandmothers have been secretly using this method of consumption for generations.

Making marijuana tea was once just for the rebellious grandmother that was looking for an alternative treatment for symptoms and ailments but now weed tea is becoming more popular among the public. It provides a gentle high and the process of drinking marijuana tea is perfect for the trend loving youth.

In short, it is a classy way to get high- defiantly brings a new meaning to the English term ‘high tea’.

It may seem like a simple enough method: get your marijuana delivered by a dispensary that is offering weed for sale, boil some water and brew your high tea.  Well, read on to discover the best way to brew your tea and hot to get the most out of it.

This may seem obvious, but these are the following ingredients:

  • about a gram of weed (get this from your favourite dispensary offering weed for sale). The marijuana should be ground down and measure 1 gram in its grinder state
  • about 1L of water
  • Tea strainer (a regular sieve works just as well). If you can find a teaspoon that acts as an infuser, then you’ve got it made!
  • Pot or deep saucepan with lid


  • Creamer (note: keep it natural, avoid combining your clean green with that coffee creamer made from who knows what)

Okay, so now you have your ingredients and your equipment, follow this method:

  1. Obviously, start to boil the water in the pot to a boil
  2. Once the water has begun simmering, add the weed
  3. Leave the weed to simmer in the water for about 15 minutes
  4. using your strainer, drain out the water or sieve the leaves out the pot.

Easy right? The tea should retain its potency, but it is recommended that you do not store it for a period that exceeds 5 days.

Whether you drink it as an ice tea or as a hot brew, that is up to you. Obviously the taste will be a little out of the delicious range but feel free to add some honey or to even brew the tea with another kind of sweet, fruity tea. Also, you could add some mint to improve the taste.

There are a thousand and one ways you can make your own marijuana tea. The first step? Having the weed. Head over to an online dispensary advertising weed for sale or head down to your nearest and dearest storefront weed dispensary. Get yourself your preferred strain and get brewing!

Here are some other options for you if you want to get creative with your weed brewing:

  • add some fresh mint into the mix, or some mint tea
  • add some local honey or unrefined sugar
  • add some almond, soya or even coconut milk
  • like something a little more whole and creamy? Some people even add a bit of unsalted, farm fresh butter to the brew.

Have fun and experiment with your pot of weed tea but always be aware of dosage ad be fully conscious with your marijuana use. Marijuana is a plant that has been used for centuries to treat an assortment of symptoms and even disease. Some of this usage was open knowledge but more recently it was done behind closed doors. Now that marijunaa is becoming legal again, it is our responsibility, as consumers, to use the plant respectfully and with full consciousness.

The following is a few of the potential benefits that you can receive form drinking your delicious brew of marijuana tea:

  1. Chronic pain?

Chronic pain is potentially the number one reason that marijuana tea came to be. In the beginning of the century, in many countries legal medicinal marijuana was but a dream and there were many elderly who turned to brewing a cup of weed tea to try alleviate chronic pain.

  1. Can put a stop to nausea

Nausea is an unwelcome side effect to chemotherapy and many other medications. Many people are using marijuana to ease the sensation of nausea that comes with these treatments and medications.

  1. IBS syndrome treatment

People struggling with autoimmune diseases are finding

relief with the use of marijuana. There is a lack of research into this subject but for now we see many anecdotal reports from people that have found marijuana to be beneficial.

  1. Treatment for anxiety

It seems that more and more people are suffering with anxiety. While there are many different proposed reasons for this, the truth is that many of these people are going through their own individual journey with it.

Anxiety is grossly misunderstood and incomprehensible to those who do not experience it. From the outside, it appears ridiculous and dramatic. However for those that suffer with severe nervousness, anxiety and panic attacks, it is not an easy or pleasant thing to live with. It is like a monster that resides inside your mind and rears its head at the worst possible moments, sometimes when you least expect it too. Medication for this can leave a person bereft of emotion and numb. It comes as no surprise that marijuana is used as a treatment option by many people.

Marijuana is one of the most preferred treatment options amongst people, and not just the youth either. Many veterans are turning to marijuana as well to find relief from PTSD. However if you are considering marijuana to assist with easing anxiety then do your research into the different varieties.

Although there are many online sources advertising weed for sale it is important to select the strain that is a balance between indica and sativa. A strain with a good balance of CBD and THC is the best for those that suffer from anxiety. The CBD compound acts as a balancer for the often anxiety inducing THC compound.


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