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Weed Online with Koolmj

A study that looked at the sale of weed online over the course of two years has revealed that the amount of Americans purchasing weed online is higher than ever.

While the online market is becoming more and more popular for people wishing to buy groceries, clothes and other recreational items with ease, the sale of weed online is becoming what some have deemed an unrecognised health problem. The American Journal of Preventative Medicine has deemed the sale of weed online thus so and the study examined the search engines, the resulting links and also what keywords were used the most.

The research was conducted over a lengthy period, from 2005 spanning across to 2017. And surely, if the study were to involve the current year 2018, it would uncover a vastly higher number.

How did the study work?

The researchers looked specifically at searches that used words “marijuana”, “weed” and “cannabis” in combination with the words “order”, “shop” and “purchase” (among other similar terms). And for the sceptics among us, the type of searches related to garden weeds and garden chemicals to kill off other types of weeds were eliminated (also by specific keyword targeting). The study spanned a total of twelve years, over one decade and the findings revealed an increase of almost two hundred percent in the latter years. the researchers concluded the study with June in 2017 and found that in June alone there were nearly two and a half million searches for weed online.

What did the study find?

The study also found that the people or searches for weed online were not only conducted in states that have legal weed, be it recreational or medicinal. To put things into perspective, from 2005 to 2012 there were no states in America that did have ‘legal’ recreational weed, online or not. A total of forty four states were examined and the researchers discovered a growth in searches for weed online in almost all of them, only two states did not show a significant or dramatic increase in searches for the sale of weed online. The researches saw that in most of the states there is a dramatic growth and increase in the amount of searches- more and more people are looking to buy weed online. The reasons for this could vary from ease of attainability to lack of knowing where a legal storefront dispensary is located or perhaps even the fact that buying weed online offers discretion amongst a society that is, for the most part, still waking up to the idea of marijuana being an accepted part of society.

Only nine states out of the total fifty states in America have legalised recreational marijuana. The searches for the weed online were examined and the researchers found that the majority of the links offered from the searches were by simple companies offering mail order weed, and these companies were not necessarily lisenced nor did they abide by the set of regulations mapped out for the legal sale of online weed.

Weed is still not fully legalised, even in the states touting legal recreational use. These states and the areas and cities within them each have a set of strict regulations that adhere to the sale and use of recreational weed. While selling weed online itself is not illegal, in order to do so legally a set of regulations and stipulations does need to be adhered to.  In order for you to legally buy weed online, it needs to be done through a legal dispensary site that you either have to fetch the weed yourself -in the flesh- or, you may have it delivered by a licensed and legal weed delivery service.

Why are these delivery services so heavily penalised and strictly regulated? Well, the officials at the head of the table may want you to believe that it is purely for your own safety. By regulating and limiting the online weed services, the state can monitor the quality of weed and ensure that the company you are trusting your money and details with are legit.

While this may have truth to it, the fact is that if you order weed online and have it delivered to you, then the state does not see the same juicy taxes that it would from a licensed storefront dispensary.

The authors of this particular study have made a call to action, stating that it is imperative that services such as google act to erase results that include these type of mail orders for weed online.

however, until any action such as this is taken, and you do wish to order your weed online, then do your research on the company you are ordering from. In these times there is no excuse for ignorance as information and reviews are easily accessed. Find a reputable, legal online weed service and do your homework. Buy good weed from a good source and you will be good to go!

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