Weed to Help Insomnia: 3 Strains to Help you Slumber

Weed to Help Insomnia: 3 Strains to Help you Slumber

Weed to Help Insomnia: 3 Strains to Help you Slumber

Insomniacs have tried it all, from over the counter prescription drugs to your grandmother’s old wives tale. Some leave you drowsy and still lumbering around the next half drugged up while others leave you lying awake with no sleep in sight. Many people are now turning to weed to help them sleep. This plant can now be obtained in California, without a doctor’s recommendation however be sure to check your area’s regulations.

Marijuana has been used for thousands of years and has been given a bad reputation over the last century. Now, you are able to buy weed online legally in California and illegally almost everywhere else. Buying weed online is a simple solution for those that are still too shy to wander into a modern-day pot shop, weed dispensaries. Buying weed online is not only a discrete method to obtain your marijuana but it is a handy service too, especially since Adult use (or recreational) dispensaries are strictly regulated and they are not on every street. The point is, dispensaries are limited in number (and for good reason) and they can be more than just a little drive away for some people. Buying weed online from a reputable dispensary is a great solution to this issue and can leave people happy and smiling, especially if they wake up to an overnight delivery.

Marijuana is still in the process of undergoing testing, clinical trials and all those other things that allow marijuana to be used and talked openly about as a medicine. For now, people can say that it ‘seems’ to be have ‘potential’. There are many people and marijuana users that have said the marijuana ‘seems’ to have the ‘potential’ in their own experience. And while we are still working with anecdotal evidence on the subject of marijuana’s ‘seemingly’ ‘potential’ benefits, why don’t you get some of your own anecdotal evidence by trying out the following strains to assist with your insomnia:

1. Tahoe OG Kush

OG Kush is a well-known strain amongst seasoned marijuana users, however this Tahoe OG Kush could take you by surprise. This is because Tahoe OG Kush has a definitive heaviness to it that carries a heftier punch than most of the other OG Kush varieties. This makes for a great insomnia remedy. Whatever your method of consumption, this strain will send you to sleep. The onset of sleep is quick and efficient, easing the whirring mind and releasing tension that you may be holding in the muscles. This particular strain is well known for its ability to slow down a racing mind and install a sense of peace in your mind. This strain is particularly loved because people have said that they do not wake up with a heavy feeling.

2. Granddaddy Purple

This mellow strain is a favourite amongst those looking for relief from insomnia. This is a classic, a ‘granddaddy’ of indicas. As you may already know, the cannabis plant consists of more than just CBD and THC. The plant is a complex arrangement of various compounds, cannabinoids and terpenes. One such terpene is a powerful sleepy terpene called mycrene. Mycrene is one the most sleepy terpenes that is present in the indica variety. This strain is also a winner for those that cannot sleep due to severe or chronic pain. And the cherry on this mellow, dreamy cake? The Granddaddy Purple has a sweet and delicious aroma that is a combination of grape and berry, and works fast and efficiently.

3. Skywalker

Looking fr a sleep inducing strain that also infuses the mind with positivity? The Skywalker strain is the one for you.The Skywalker strain is great for relaxing the body, easing pent up tension held in the muscles and filling the monkey mind with the power of positivity. Many people that suffer from severe anxiety and panic attacks have also reported that the Skywalker strain helped them to find sleep even after or during a panic attack. There needs to be a word of caution though, this strain is high in THC and only a little is needed to ease anxiety and relax into sleep. If a high dosage is used, then it could actually have the adverse effects, especially for those who are prone to anxiety.

There are a few important tips to keep in mind when buying weed online or at a dispensary to help with insomnia. Use the following tips if you haven’t been able to find one of the three strains (Buying weed online allows you a much wider variety).

• As a general rule of thumb, Indicas are better for night time use while sativas are best for wake and baking as they actually wake you up.

• Edible cannabis can have a much heavier and longer lasting sedating effect. However, edibles can take longer to work they have been reported to have have a stronger and longer lasting effect.

• Fresh flowers vs. Older, aged bud. The latter has a danker impression on your system and will leave you feeling much more sleepy. This is mainly because researchers have seen that older weed has higher levels of the CBN cannabinoid (a cannabinoid known for its sedating effect).

• THC can trigger nervousness and can actually provide a uplifting effect. Stick to strains higher in CBD.
And, the most important tip is that this is not a pharmaceutical drug where it is manufactured in a lab. The different strains and plants will effect everyone differently. The strains above were listed amongst people who shared their own experience, people who were using marijuana to help them sleep and the best option is for you to buy your weed and try it out yourself. And remember: a little goes a long way!

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